Tradition at Steinemann

Milestones in our company history

1917 Founded by Ulrich Steinemann; manufacturing of textile machinery
1960 Manufacturing of wide-belt sanding machinery for the panel industry
1976 Manufacturing of sheet varnishing machinery for the graphic industry
1986 Manufacturing of sheet laminating machinery for the graphic industry
1987 Acquisition of the share capital by the Stürm family
1996 Quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 standard
1998 Steinemann Technology Asia founded in Malaysia
2000 Steinemann Technology USA founded in North Carolina
2000 Launch of the SATOS Sanding machine with mineral frame
2002 Acquisition of the new production and office building in St.Gallen
2002 Launch of the NOVA-H sanding machine
2003 Launch of the HIBIS rotary screen printing machine
2005 Steinemann China founded in Shanghai
2007 Start of the sanding belt conversion in Shanghai
2009 Launch of the SATOS plus sanding machine
2014 Start Sprint Inserts at Steinemann China in Shanghai
2014 Start Cooperation Yoco Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.
2014 First dmax machine at Druckhaus Mainfranken