Steinemann Technology

Surface quality made in Switzerland

Where perfect surfaces are called for, Steinemann goes straight to the core. Founded in 1917 we are among the leading manufacturers of sanding machinery for the panel industry (Sanding). Our abilities go beyond processing and manufacturing. Customers benefit from a consistent service, established procedural knowledge as well as readily available spare parts and consumables. Thanks to this service spectrum we are able to increase quality, security and efficiency for our customers, offering Swiss precision worldwide.


Products Manufacturing, distribution and maintenance of wide-belt sanding machines for the panel industry
Headquarter Steinemann Technology AG (St.Gallen, Switzerland)
Overseas offices Steinemann Technology Asia (Selangor, Malaysia)
Steinemann (Shanghai) Machinery Co. Ltd. (Shanghai, China)
Steinemann Technology USA Inc. (Charlotte, United States)
Branches Regional agencies in further 42 countries (cf. worldwide locations)
Turnover approx. EUR 40 m per year (98 % in export)