Interview with our Applications Engineer

We asked our Applications Engineer Ludwig Benz a few questions about his career and personal life. Read here what he has to say about himself and his everyday work as a process specialist at Steinemann. Editor: Ludi, you have been working for Steinemann for over 30 years now. But we first wanted to [...]

Drums and their affect on surface quality

The contact drums in the calibration process are at the heart of a wide-belt sander. Even minor deviations in the rotational accuracy or balance of the drums can critically impair surface quality. When it comes to ensuring consistent quality, high manufacturing precision and sensitive balancing are essential for all types [...]

Seminar: Sanding process symposium in Phuket

Steinemann seminars and symposiums generally are designed for production and finishing line managers who are responsible for sanding processes, as well as engineers and technicians interested in more advanced training. Each event offers a combination of theory and practice. This summer, our specialists were in Thailand. At the Swissôtel in Phuket, ten participants attended a [...]

Steinemann Technology USA – New exclusive Agent for parts of South & Central America.

September 12, 2017 PRESS RELEASE Charlotte, NC Steinemann Technology USA – New exclusive Agent for parts of South & Central America. We are pleased to announce the partnership with Repserv, S.A.S. of Columbia South America as exclusive partners of Steinemann Technology sanders and abrasive consumables. Repserv is the exclusive representative to several key major European [...]

Nelson Pine New Zealand – Murray Sturgeon talks about 60 years of experiences in panel manufacturing

Interview from Panels & Furnitures Asia with Murray Sturgeon "He witnessed the invention of MDF and even commissioned the first MDF plant in the southern hemisphere in 1976. Murray Sturgeon, managing director of Nelson Pine Industries, looks back at 60 years of experience in panel manufacturing."

The next-generation sander: Satos TSQ

The time has finally come: Steinemann stands for Total Surface Quality. We would like to introduce you to our brand-new Satos TSQ, another cornerstone of our Total Surface Quality program! This latest model in the Satos family sets standards, boasting an innovative sanding pressure control function as well as an optimized sanding platen and contact [...]

The Steinemann app: Makes chatter mark analysis easy!

Steinemann stands for excellence in service. To support you even more efficiently in future with our expertise, we are now offering the new Steinemann app for analysing chatter marks. Right in time for LIGNA, Steinemann is introducing its app for analysing chatter marks. After the trade show, the app will be available as a download [...]

Board Quality Cockpit (BQC)

With the world premiere of the Board Quality Cockpit, Steinemann is ringing in a new era: This unique assistance system monitors your sanding line, while collecting and analysing a wide range of data. Based both on this analysis and the specialist knowledge incorporated in the system, it recommends the optimum settings for your machine. In [...]

Answers quiz 02-2018

Answers quiz of 08.02.2018 Do you have it all correct? Otherwise sign-up for the training course on 06. + 07.03.2018.