With the world premiere of the Board Quality Cockpit, Steinemann is ringing in a new era: This unique assistance system monitors your sanding line, while collecting and analysing a wide range of data. Based both on this analysis and the specialist knowledge incorporated in the system, it recommends the optimum settings for your machine. In other words, it functions as a monitoring, control, analysis, early-warning and process control system.

Be part of the action when the BQC Basic is unveiled at LIGNA 2017 in Hanover.

The key success factors of the platen industry are amongst others constant quality and efficiency in the sanding process. With the BQC Steinemann jumps on the bandwagon of the digital technology. The aim is to wholly integrate the sanding line into the process of wood-based manufacturing. Data become easier to exchange and the sanding process significantly more efficient.

The BQC is equipped not only with a machine and process data acquisition function, but also with a job, product and sanding belt manager. But what makes this system really innovative is its ability to recommend settings to the operator based on relevant practical data stored in the controller that serve as an assistance system: This system checks various parameters, lets the operator know when major deviations occur or when limit values have been reached, and recommends suitable countermeasures to put the process back towards perfect surface quality.

The support provided by the BQC before and during a changeover from one job to another helps to significantly reduce setup times. During operation, a simple signal light indicates the status of the sanding process to the operator to facilitate his work. Deviations are visualized by a change in the colour of the signal light: The operator is then given simple instructions with diagrams for bringing the process back to the target status.

And this is only the beginning. BQC Basic is the entry-level or standard module. Further modules and add-ons will be presented at the trade show or are in preparation. Meet us at LIGNA and let us convince you by the many advantages of the BQC.

BQC – The intelligent sanding process system offers many advantages:

  • Simple and guided assistance lead to relief of the operator so he can concentrate on the essentials
  • Optimum settings, planning and reporting for more efficiency and cost savings throughout the entire process
  • Early-warning mechanismto reduce complaint ratios, quality costs and production of non-compliant goods
  • Integrated data capturing to optimise process stability and production plant uptime
  • Increased Knowledge transfer and securing know how thanks to the seamless quality data recording which become generally available within your company
  • Combination of the BQC data and outcome of existing systems for even greater transparency and benefits in the entire workflow
  • Various interfaces in order to achieve a smooth integration of your existing systems into the grinding line and sanding process
  • Maintenance manager for a predictable maintenance process and further information on upkeep cycles, spare parts requirements and consumption.

With this new feature Steinemann once again takes up its role as a leader and trendsetter in the market and shows where the future is heading: Towards a holistic view of the sanding process-
Total surface quality.