Our ultimate goal is to perfect sanding and finishing processes for our customers.

The configuration of a sanding process largely determines whether it can reach all quality, performance and efficiency targets. And Steinemann supports the panel industry here, too, offering engineering and reengineering concepts for new and existing sanding systems. Every one of our solutions is based on the latest technical advancements and on customer-specific, quantitative analysis of a sanding and finishing process. We ensure optimum knowledge transfer by providing intensive on-site consulting and training.

With this wide-ranging experience and our know-how, we have built a solid foundation for the ongoing development of our machines and technologies. And with the satos TSQ, we have passed a key milestone along the way to fully integrating the sanding line into the production process.

Even the standard version of the satos TSQ meets all the technical requirements for achieving full integration.

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Thomas Räber Head of Engineering & Technology
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Ludwig Benz Application Engineer
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