Patented mineral cast technology for optimum surface quality
(Product width: 2200 to 3200 mm)

The constantly increasing demands in terms of capacity and quality in the panel industry are also pushing the demands on sanding machines ever higher.

Steinemann has taken up this challenge and developed a machine which sets new standards in the high end sector. Inspired by nature, SATOS (SAnder for TOp Surfaces) is the first wide belt sander with a mineral cast frame. Thanks to the innovative technology, the panel industry benefits from new possibilities and perspectives:

  • maximum availability, safety and maintenance-friendly
  • high consistency in thickness tolerance and optimum surface quality
  • trend-setting technology and optimal cost efficiency

The mineral cast technology is patented and marketed exclusively on a worldwide basis by Steinemann.

Low vibration mineral cast technology
The introduction of the mineral cast technology is opening up a new chapter in the construction of low vibration and temperature-stable machine components. The mineral cast is produced from compact vibrated siliceous limestone, a natural product from the Swiss Alps, and a small share of epoxy binder. We have a firm knowledge of the technology’s ability to meet mechanical, chemical and thermal and other similar demands. Its life span is comparable to that of other construction materials.

The recordings show the difference after a vibration excitation using a hammer. Following a vibration duration of 100 ms the amplitude intensity with steel (red line) is still 38%, with mineral cast (blue line) almost 0%.

Panel thickness mm 2.5 – 50 2.5 – 50 2.5 – 50
Machine opening mm 0 – 300 0 – 300 0 – 300
Working height mm 1550 1550 1550
Feed speed range m/min 15 – 120 15 – 120 15 – 120
Contact drum diameter mm 455 455 455
Max. panel width mm 2250 2850 3300
Approx. oscillation mm 15 15 15
Abrasive belt length mm 3200 3200 3200

Nelson Pine, New Zealand
Metro, Thailand
Unilin, USA
Glunz, Germany
Saib, Italy
Weyerhäuser, Ireland
Syktyvkar, Russia
Kronospan Bischweier, Germany
Dare Group, China
Yildiz Kimya, Turkey
JTG, Iran
Robina, China