Wide-belt sanding machine for optimum performance
(Product width: 1700 mm)

Their leading position is both an incentive and obligation for Steinemann to continuously seek new and improved solutions.

One result of these endeavours is the NOVA-H (NOVA-HEAVY), a wide-belt sanding machine that represents not only the latest technology, maximum availability and outstanding user-friendliness, but also more importantly optimised cost-effectiveness. NOVA-H stands for:

  • Best thickness tolerance and surface quality
  • Maximum availability, safety and easy maintenance
  • Optimised cost-effectiveness with Steinemann quality
  • High level of user-friendliness and optimised technology

Steinemann is the exclusive supplier of the wide-belt sanding machine NOVA-H. The NOVA-H is uniquely manufactured with a width of 1600 mm and thus covers the panel industry market for board widths of up to 1700 mm. Various SATOS models with patented mineral cast frames are available for widths that exceed these dimensions.

Selected performance features

Panel width


max. 1700

Panel length


min. 1200

Panel thickness


2.5 – 50

Machine opening (standard)


0 – 300

Working height



Feed speed range


5 – 90

Contact roll diameter




Technical innovations

Large diameter contact rolls:

  • Steel contact roll diameter 362 mm
  • Improved power transmission
  • Smooth surface, Arctech-coated
  • Ideal diameter/wall thickness ratio

Optimised tension system:

  • Equal tension over the entire width of the sanding belt
  • Adjustment of the sanding belt circumference tolerance
  • Smooth running of the sanding belt
  • Easily accessible for maintenance work

Directly operated contact rolls:

  • Straight forward operation
  • Optimal power transmission
  • Compact design
  • Easy access to the machine’s main drive for maintenance work

Low-maintenance panel feeding system:

  • Direct power transmission
  • Easily accessible for maintenance work
  • Fewer parts subject to wear and tear
  • High production speed up to 90 m/min