Sanding belts and Sprint Inserts on the road to success

The sanding belts and sanding pads (Sprint Inserts) from Steinemann are becoming increasingly popular. More and more customers are trusting in our company’s complete solutions and offers. The all-round competence of Steinemann Technology is a result of many years of experience and the realisation that top-class quality in panel production can only be achieved if all the elements of the process are perfectly coordinated: from the machines and the abrasives, all the way to spare parts and service.

Thanks to its long-standing experience, Steinemann has unparalleled knowledge of the needs of the panel industry when it comes to wide-belt sanding systems. This expertise has an influence on our abrasives business and enables us to develop integrated concepts and made-to-measure sanding process configurations. Needless to say, every one of our solutions is based on the latest technical knowledge and a customer-specific analysis of the sanding process.
As a leading manufacturer of sanding machines, Steinemann is aware of the importance of the sanding process. The harmony between machine and abrasive is the critical factor for success in panel production. Our experts can not only help with tuning the system, but are also more than willing to support our customers by providing tips and tricks for their daily work.

At Steinemann, not only the sanding processes are completely defined, but also the customer service processes. Our engineering and applications experts, together with our worldwide network of service hubs, ensure that the quality of all systems comes to bear in every respect and without interruption. Incidentally: to guarantee that quality is continuously assured, we are only too happy to pass on our holistic knowledge – by providing professional training at our modern Technology Center in St. Gallen, or intensive consulting and training on the customer’s premises.
Another building block of our success is the Quartz Circle loyalty programme, which offers customers direct, monetary advantages. Depending on the percentage of sanding belts and Sprint Inserts used on Steinemann sanding machines, the customer benefits from discounts on spare parts and a certain number of hours of free service in the following year.

The complete solutions from Steinmann comprise a host of individual elements that were developed and expanded over several years. The resultant success regarding the sales of sanding belts and Sprint Inserts shows us that, from the point of view of our customers, we are on the right track and have been able to offer them a genuine advantage.