Automatic Belt Oscillation – an option for major savings in the sanding process

Automatic Belt Oscillation (BOA) from Steinemann leads to remarkable savings on costs and demonstrably improves the quality of the sanding process.

The fact that the automatic belt oscillation unit is driven by an economical stepping motor, and not by a pneumatic cylinder, results in significant savings on expensive compressed air.
The system demonstrates additional, valuable advantages in the event of a belt change, such as simplicity and speed. The push of a button is all it takes to start the BOA fully automatically – that results in welcome savings on time.

Accurate, automatic belt oscillation raises belt tracking to the next technological level. In other words: the operator is optimally supported by the system. He can set the oscillation mode to slow, medium or fast on the touch screen, or on the PC (IPC) for the PLC-controlled function. The right setting is selected in accordance with the wood material involved. The system works absolutely reliably and with repeatable accuracy.
Once matched to the process, settings need no adjustment or correction whatsoever during a production job. When the BOA is up and running, the automatic tuning function ensures perfect oscillation, allowing the operator to focus on the production jobs and the sanding process. Our “undisturbed belt drive” (no tuning during operation) is one of the keys to constant quality, which can itself generate substantial savings.

Major savings are also achieved by the fact that, among other things, fewer sanding belts are damaged in general. So, off-track belts due to incorrectly set belt oscillation are a thing of the past, and the average abrasive consumption is reduced.

In summary, it can be said that the savings on costs are achieved by rapid belt changes, improved belt tracking (and the resultant reduction in belt consumption), uniform oscillation and its automatic tuning. And, of course, our “undisturbed belt drive” and the extremely low compressed air consumption also contribute to further savings.
Quality improvements result from optimised utilisation of the sanding belts. In this case, “optimised utilisation” means constant, homogeneous oscillation – all oscillation parameters are adjustable and reproducible.

Automatic Belt Oscillation is available as a retrofit option for the Satos sanding machine: link.