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Digital spot- und relief varnishing for sheet substrates

For professional applications: up to sheet size B1 (30 × 42.5 in)
Compact design: high performance with small footprint, up to 100 meter / 328 feet per minute
With high quality: 600 dpi resolution, decreased pinholes even with thin layers
For maximum availability: industrial made, easy to operate, fast job-changes
For minimal operating costs: low varnish consumption, little maintenance


Compact design with high performance

Compact dmax systems cover a striking range of services:

  • Spot and relief varnishing
  • Haptic and matt effects
  • Finest structure
  • Different varnish lay downs, also on one sheet
  • Perfect gloss even with thin layers
  • Individualized prints with fully variable data*
  • Digital foiling*

* with respective options and modules

State of the art technology:

  • Sheet conveyor system, sheet cleaning unit (calender)
  • Sheet detection even without print marks, register control and adjustment for each sheet
  • Digital inkjet varnishing unit with automatic cleaning system, UV-dryer
  • Operation via touch screen monitor, comprehensive image editor, remote service


  • Speed upgrade for higher performance
  • Integrated data RIP
  • Fully variable data for different varnish layers on each sheet
  • Ionized air on feeder and stackers
  • Sheet length extension upto 1 080 mm / 42.5 in

Additional modules:

  • Digital foiling unit

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