Quality by Steinemann

Made in Switzerland, trusted worldwide

Outstanding products and services are Steinemann’s trademark. Day by day and all around the world our customers and partners rely on distinctive Swiss qualities: efficiency, reliability and innovation.

Powerful infrastructure

Steinemann is based on a modern infrastructure and very flexible working hours. This leads to optimum quality, time and cost management, since our in-house production covers all critical procedures:

  • Components and final assembly, internal tests, rollout
  • Roll manufacturing (Sanding: 1300 – 3400 mm)
  • Roll overhaul within the shortest time possible

Systematic quality management

Steinemann has an understanding of quality that goes beyond the development of machinery: Clients benefit from unique procedural knowledge and attractive services such as the online ordering system or the 24h worldwide delivery service for selected spare parts. In order to ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained, continuous assessment and improvement of our quality management is carried out (certified according to ISO 9001).

Continuous innovation

Steinemann rewards the loyalty of its customers and partners with continuous investments in service, research and development and also by training a qualified workforce: Out of the approximately 140 Steinemann employees more than 10 are trainees. In this way we ensure that the long running tradition of Swiss surface quality has a successful future.