Steinemann Technology

Corporate Mission Statement

Customer focus
Rather than offer the usual to many customers, Steinemann offers the best to a few.
As market leader in niche markets worldwide, we develop, produce and sell first class machines and equipment. Our product and service expertise incorporates sanding machinery for the panel industry (Steinemann Sanding). Every process is aimed towards contributing to our customers’ success.

There are around 160 good reasons for Steinemann’s quality – our employees.
Our success largely depends on the people who make it their aim to achieve above average quality in their daily work. In light of this, we place great emphasis on our staffing policy. Thanks to ongoing investment in training and further education as well as in modern quality management systems and processes, we ensure that the specialist and social expertise of individuals and teams is reached to its full potential.

In dynamic markets, Steinemann follows a clear path – from our goal to success.
First class performance isn’t a coincidence at Steinemann. Our strategy is systematically implemented and the success is reviewed. We make the performance of the departments and employees measurable. The orientation towards achieving goals and results allows us to exploit the full potential of the company.

When it comes to research and development, Steinemann uses the best sources – our customers.
With innovative technical solutions and services, we ensure that our customers are able to meet their clients’ needs in the best way possible – quickly and cost effectively while providing first class quality. Advances in our services are based on an intensive dialogue with our customers and careful assessment of feedback. By continually analysing markets and technology, we can react flexibly and quickly to any changes in conditions.

Steinemann thinks beyond the day to day – and it’s not something we’ve been doing since yesterday.
As a family business established in 1917, we see achieving sustainable added value for our customers as our main goal. Thanks to proportionate profits and a stable growth, we also achieve consistent quality for proprietors, employees, economy and society. At the same time, origin and future isn’t a contradiction: we are a Swiss company with roots in East Switzerland which actively takes into consideration the demands of globalisation.

Basic values
Steinemann stands for solid values, both before and after the sale.
Our thinking and business dealings are characterised by social awareness and a responsible ethical attitude. When dealing with customers, suppliers, employees and other partners, we place great emphasis on respect, honesty and tolerance. In every relationship, our communication is open and clear. We stand out from the crowd by our sound business policy which combines economic success and corporate dedication.