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Coronavirus Information

Update: 09.06.2020 The Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread, creating uncertainty and many questions that have yet to be answered. Such as how we can best handle the situation and provide you with support. Safety precautions We are observing and following the safety measures issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health [...]

Achieve better quality with a higher surface density

Introduction The density profile is a key characteristic when determining the physical and mechanical properties of a panel. The density profile, measured perpendicular to the panel surface, gives you the different density ranges over the entire panel. Depending on its shape, the density profile has a decisive influence on surface roughness and surface quality after [...]

Interview with Benjamin Braunmiller

For the current issue of our newsletter, we asked our Head of Engineering & Design, Benjamin Braunmiller, some questions about his job, his time at Steinemann and current challenges. Read on. First, a few questions about you ... If you could meet a famous person – dead or [...]

Interview with Matthias Bach

For the current edition of our newsletter we put a few questions to the Leader of our Process & Automation Team, Matthias Bach, about his job and his time at Steinemann. Read here what he has to say about himself and his daily routine at Steinemann. Editors: First we have a few questions about [...]

Needle stripes

The purpose of this report is to explain the origin of needle stripes. Instead of “needle stripes, the term “scratch marks” frequently is used, but it is in fact misleading. Needle stripes are elevated stripes on a panel, as shown in Figure 1. They are caused by absent rows of grit on a sanding belt. [...]