Interview with Herbert Hansmann

For the latest edition of our Newsletter, we spoke with Account Manager Herbert “Hebi” Hansman, who has been working for Steinemann since 1970, and asked him a few questions about his career and personal life. Read here what he has to say about himself and his everyday work at Steinemann. Interviewer: First we would [...]

Surface quality of sanded wood-based panels Part II – Roughness

Part II – Roughness Part I of this article (see the 03 / 2018_ Part I - Roughness) provided a detailed explanation of the influence of stock removal per head and grit sequence on roughness. Part II focuses on the influence of the machine configuration on surface quality. The most obvious distinguishing feature of wide belt [...]

Steinemann Technology AG: Expertise in wood technology

Cross-finishing sanding wood-based panels At its in-house Technical Centre, Steinemann analyzed how cross-finishing affects the surface quality of medium-thickness MDF panels in order to identify differences in sanding results when using a fine sanding head with angular orientation (N-head; N-sanding = fine sanding with oriented heads) and without (G-head; G-sanding = fine sanding without [...]