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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

This unusually hot and dry summer affeced everything, the environment, people and materials alike. Despite all the restrictions imposed by the high temperatures, we still have to see to the quality of our products. In this issue of our newsletter, we provide you with more helpful information and scientific facts: We explain additional factors influencing surface quality in the sanding process, discuss the importance of cross-finishing and, as a systems supplier, introduce you to our Total Surface Quality (TSQ) concept.

Product quality always depends on both the technical systems and the people who operate and service them. Meet one our veterans, Herbert Hansmann, who knows the right way to use Steinemann sanding systems thanks to his many years of experience.

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If you would like to meet with us in person to exchange experiences or learn more about our latest products, you will have the opportunity to do so at the following trade fairs. We will be exhibiting at:
Intermob in Istanbul, Turkey                           from 13. – 17.10.2018 Lesdrevmash in Moscow, Russia                   from 24. – 27.10.2018  International Fair of Bogotá in Colombia        from 24. – 28.09.2018
We look forward to seeing you there!
Your Steinemann Team
Our specialists report

Herbert Hansmann has been working at Steinemann for over 40 years and, on various assignments, has travelled all over, South America, Australia and other regions. In an interview, he tells about some memorable experiences, his work and reveals some typical user errors. 

Read the interview with Herbert Hansmann here.
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The perfect surface

Wide belt sanders can be equipped with a variety of sanding heads. The number and type of heads has a major impact on sanding results. Find out more about the relationship between calibration units and fine sanding heads, and about the effects of their interaction.
Learn what's most important about sanding heads here.
Cross-finishing: A critical step in sanding wood-based panels
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Fine sanding: With or without oriented heads? Steinemann has analysed this question at its in-house Technical Centre and come to a definite conclusion. Learn more about the effects of the fine sanding angle and grit sequence you select.

Read here for more on the importance of cross-finishing.

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Total Surface Quality

One approach to improving sanding results is Total Surface Quality (TSQ). It targets five quality factors: machine, abrasives, spare parts, service and processes. These 5Qs have to be perfectly coordinated to achieve optimum results. As a systems supplier, Steinemann offers you total support in the process.
TSQ as a system – Find out more about the components here.
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