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In this issue, our Applications Engineer Ludwig Benz lets you in on some of the things he has experienced in his 30 years as a process specialist with Steinemann. We explain in other articles the structure of the coating on our drums, the design of which is one of our core competencies, and report on the sanding process symposium held this summer in Phuket (Thailand). Additional symposiums are in the planning. Don’t miss out on your chance to sign up!

Our specialists report – Interview with Ludwig Benz
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Ludwig «Ludi» Benz has been working at Steinemann for over 30 years as a process specialist. Thanks in part to thousands of customer visits, he has been able to steadily expand his expertise. Find out more in an interview about his experiences and personal interests.

Read the interview with Ludi Benz here
Drum manufacturing at Steinemann

Demands on surface quality, product availability and cost efficiency are rising all the time. We are doing all we can to continuously deliver new innovations to our customers and help them meet market demands. Premium components and their optimized integration into the sanding process are what make all the difference.

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Steinemann technicians on a global mission

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The expertise, skills and capabilities of our employees are decisive factors, not only for the quality of our products, but also for the implementation of innovations. In other words, our employees are the driving force behind our progress. Employee training and continuing education therefore play an important role. The mix of years of experience and high-level training enables us to continuously expand and deepen our know-how. And we are more than happy to pass our expertise on to you.

Experts from Steinemann look forward to sharing what they know with you: «Our goal is for customers to achieve the best-possible sanding results.» That’s why our technicians travel the world to conduct training and local seminars.

Would you like to attend a symposium in Switzerland or have a technician come to your location? Click here for more information on our seminars.
Celebrating Steinemann’s 100th anniversary
Steinemann has been a specialist for perfect surfaces for 100 years now. In 1917, Ulrich Steinemann took the risk of starting his own business and quickly made a name for himself as a design engineer and producer of dough machines, household appliances and textile systems. In the course of its 100-year history, the company has continuously expanded and adapted its product range. For example, it developed and fabricated machines to coat a wide variety of materials, from wood and leather, to board and paper. Both then and now, the company recognized the importance of anticipating and responding to trends.

Retrospective: See the milestones we have passed in the last 100 years …

Smart and digital

Automation and sensor systems in sanding machines are a major topic in Steinemann’s Development department. Various sanding machine components have already been automated today, including the adjustable contact drum and sanding platen. Its contact pressure on a panel is measured by force sensors.

The Board Quality Cockpit (BQC) was developed as a comprehensive control system. It is a smart assistant that supports the machine operator in efficient, foresighted production operations. The system collects data and monitors the sanding process. For instance, it detects in time when a sanding belt needs to be changed, and gives recommendations for machine setup and maintenance. This digital analysis and early warning system is entirely new on the market and showcases Steinemann’s pioneering capabilities.

And we network more than just the operator and the machine! Our communication with customers is also faster and more flexible thanks to the remote functionality.

Gallery: Celebration in St. Gallen 

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